Our Clients

The diversity of our client base exemplifies the need for a specialised marine benefits underwriter willing to provide fully M.L.C. compliant insurances to employers of seafarers whose operations might fall outside the traditional scope of the niche markets.

Shipowners and managers, as the major employers of seafarers form our main business focus, and Crewsure has developed a benefit programme for seagoing staff and their families.

Aside from shipowners and managers, we also provide insurance to:

  • Concessionaires aboard cruise ships
  • Contractors supplying offshore rigs
  • Ship repair crews
  • Crew aboard ships in permanent lay up
  • Specialised operations such as hospital ships
  • Crew benefits underlying P&I insurance for both commercial ships and yachts

Common to all these clients is the fact that the client wishes to offer benefits to their employees as a ‘Stand Alone’ insurance, and each client wishes to negotiate a bespoke policy. Crewsure was set up to meet this need.