Marine Crew Family Health Insurance

Marine Crew Family Health Insurance


The Crewsure Family programme is designed to enhance the Crewsure Marine cover by providing healthcare to crew whilst in their home country on paid leave. Spouses and children are covered for the full year.

Benefits For Medically Necessary Treatment Due To Accidents or Illnesses

What Is Covered?

Health Cover
Crew and their families for medically necessary treatment due to accidents or illnesses for up to US$100,000 per person per insurance year.

Who Is Covered?

  • Employees must be over 18 and under 65.
  • Spouses must be over 18 (or of a local legal age) and under 65. 
  • Dependent children must be over 30 days old and under 19.

Additional Options

  • Full health cover for crew whilst on board.
  • Death in service, PA, and baggage cover.
  • Unpaid wages from abandonment.
  • Sick Pay cover.

Eligibility For Insurance

All seagoing employees of the policyholder who are suitably qualified and/or licensed officers and their families.

A condition of this insurance is that the Pre-Employment Medical Examination (PEME) and the certificate of competency or other relevant qualification of an employee are current and up to date and all individual crew details are registered.


  • US$500 in the annual aggregate per policy

Key Exclusions

Pre-existing medical conditions are excluded.

Any claim arising for crew whilst working, unless agreed otherwise.

Criminal Acts, suicide, drugs, piracy, war, terrorism, wilful misconduct, medical expenses incurred in the USA.